Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to join?
Generally, Cub Scouts begin in First Grade and end in Fifth Grade. Boys who turn 6 before September 30, 2014 are also eligible to join.

What are the levels?
The first level is Tigers. Tigers is for boys in First Grade or boys in Kindergarten who will turn 6 before September 30, 2014.
The second level is Wolves.
The third level is Bears.
The fourth level is Webelos I.
The fifth level is Webelos II.

What is a ‘Den’?
The Den is the group for the boys at the same level and roughly the same age. A den should not exceed 10 Cub Scouts.

What is ‘The Pack’?
The Pack is comprised of all the boys in all of the Cub Scouting levels.

What is the time commitment for Cub Scouts?
The Pack will hold monthly meetings. These meetings are for the Cub Scouts and their families. Each month we will be exploring one of the Cub Scout Core Values. Each den will determine the number of times their den meets. This will be a collaboration with the Den Leaders and the parents. Some den’s may meet weekly, though other will meet bi-weekly.
Tiger Cubs require their adult partners to attend all Cub Scout functions along with them.

Where are the meetings?
Most Pack Meetings are held at the St. Raphael Parish Hall. A complete listing of the meeting dates, times and locations can be found here. Each Den Leader will decide where to hold the Den Meetings for his group. This information will be conveyed to the parents.

What if my Scout misses a meeting?
It’s okay to miss a meeting. If he misses a Pack Meeting, then he will miss whatever activity we did at that meeting and will have to wait until the next meeting to receive the awards he has earned. If he misses a Den Meeting, then he may have to work on the requirements that he missed on his own.

What if my Scout wants to work ahead?
A Scout can work ahead in his handbook on Achievements and Electives. As the Scout’s Akela you can sign off as he completes items. The BB Gun and Archery Beltloops need to be completed at a BSA facility. Scouts can attend Rancho Alegre and earn these by themselves, but cannot earn them at non-BSA facilities.

I would like to volunteer, what do I need to do?
All parent volunteers need to take YPT. Parent volunteers acting as a Cubmaster, Asst. Cub Master, Den Leader, Asst. Den Leader, Pack Trainer, Committee Chair, or Committee Member need to complete the Boy Scouts of America application for adults.

Can my younger child attend meetings?
Younger children are welcome to attend meetings. And, depending on the activity and the age of the child, participate.

What are costs associated with joining?
Our Pack charges each Cub Scout $50 dues. This cost covers the Scout’s registration with the Boy Scouts of America, provides them a subscription to Boy’s Life and pays for the awards that he earns throughout the year. The pack does not charge adult volunteers for registration.

Each Cub Scout is asked to purchase the basic Cub Scout Uniform: blue uniform shirt with appropriate patches, belt with appropriate belt buckle, neckerchief, slide, and hat, as well as the handbook for his level. The same shirt is worn for all of the levels so many parents opt to buy a slightly larger shirt to allow for growth. These items can be purchased online or at a Scout Store.

What are the uniform requirements?
All Cub Scouts wear the blue uniform shirt with BSA emblem, Los Padres Council and Pack 105 patches. All boys should have the blue web belt with the belt buckle associated with their rank. The neckerchief, slide and hat are also associated with their rank. Boys can wear the blue Cub Scout uniform shorts or pants or blue jeans. Older boys in Webelos may wear the tan Boy Scout of America shirt in lieu of the Blue shirt.

How does the pack earn money?
Our big fundraiser is the popcorn sale. The boys also provide support to Boy Scout Troop 105 on their Christmas Tree Lot.